COVID-19: Knowledge & Practice Baseline Survey 25th March 2020 #Covid19PollKe


  1. Awareness of measures GoK against COVID-19
  2. Knowledge of how COVID-19 is spread
  3. Knowledge of signs & symptoms of COVID-19
  4. Prevention measures Kenyans have taken against COVID-19
  5. Research Methodology

Summary findings

Knowledge of how COVID-19 is spread: high awareness of the virus being spread by coughing or
sneezing (87% mentions) Low knowledge (32%) of the fact that contaminated surfaces spread the virus.

Signs symptoms of COVID-19: Coughing (77%) and fever (70%) are the two main symptoms of COVID-19 that Kenyans are most aware of There is low awareness of symptoms such as headaches (28%)
and difficulty in breathing (24%). A significant proportion (12%) are not aware of the symptoms.

Behavior change prevention COVID-19: Although there are five recommended preventive measures,
most of Kenyans have only one of them i.e adopted hand washing (above 70%). 18% have NOT adopted
any prevention measures There is low adoption of social distancing yet this is the main mode that can be
used to slow down the spread of COVID-19


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