Covid19 Global Pandemic in Nairobi’s Low-Income Areas | Round Three Survey Report: Effectiveness of Prevention Measures, Curfew and Mask Wearing Compliance & Enforcement

This 4th Release of TIFA’s Round Three survey of Nairobi’s low-income earners’ shares their perspectives on Covid-19 prevention measures mask-wearing and curfew enforcement.

The key highlights are findings;

  • 41% indicate police force have used force to enforce curfew  in their locality (a decline from 63% in June)
  • 16% reported that they had been in at least one situation since the arrival of Covid-19 in which a bribe was demanded for any restriction violation
  • For those whom bribe was demanded by police, it was for failure to wear a mask in public (64%) and violating the  curfew (29%)
  • Average size bribe paid for not wearing a mask KShs. 630/- and for curfew violations it was KShs. 828/-.


Download the full report HERE

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