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Market Research
Our marketing research capabilities
includes the f0llowing:-

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

If you want your business to grow, then you have to keep abreast of the needs of the customers in order to delight them. Our customer satisfaction tool enables companies to measure satisfaction levels of various touch points, net promoter score, and identify priorities for improvements.

Corporate Reputation Studies

Reputation is a competitive advantage for organizations and should be measured and understood in the context of competitors. Our corporate reputation management research tool uses mixed methodologies to track the evolution of the corporate reputation of a firm over time.

Mystery Shopper’s Survey

In a competitive environment, it is important to measure the quality of customer services that your employees are offering at the point of service. Our researchers visit or make calls to a service outlet incognito and then evaluate the service levels.

  • Product Testing Research

    We aim to work with clients to grow customer loyalty and boost profitability. The end-goal of our vigorous product testing research is to ensure that our clients launch superior products and at the best value.

  • Employee Engagement Surveys

    A satisfied employee is not necessarily an engaged employee. Cognizant of this, our customized employee surveys yield insights on employee engagement levels, the key engagement drivers, vulnerabilities, priorities for improvement and organizational change potential.

  • Advertising/Communication Research

    We partner with our clients to improve the efficiency of their advertising through pre-testing and post-campaign research. Pre-testing is conducted as needed, whilst post-campaign is continuous in-market research that monitors the performance of a campaign over time.

  • Usage and Attitude(U&A) & Brand Equity Tracking (BET) Surveys

    Successful marketing strategies are anchored on quality research data obtained from U&As and BETs. These studies provide insights on brand metrics (i.e. awareness, usage, loyalty, and conversion), distribution and communication.

  • Market feasibility/segmentation studies & concept studies

    These are holistic studies for new businesses, products, ideas and campaigns. We provide our clients with objective data that measures the viability of planned initiatives and enable them to understand and focus on the most viable market segments. We use research to test the most ideal positioning for our clients brands.