Kenya Media Landscape Report July 2019

The release of the Media Landscape Report 2019 took place today 10th July 2019 at the Serena Hotel, from 7.30am to 10am.  This report was compiled by the joint effort of TIFA Research and Reelforge Media Intelligence. The Media Landscape Report 2019 examined the transformation in media over the last five years and the key change

Passive audience measurement tool TIFAp+ launched

Please find the full report here 

University Students: Overwhelming support for the SDGs Albeit Low Awareness #YouthSDGsSurvey

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), have set out an ambitious agenda for global development for the next fifteen years, leading up to 2030. According to a global study conducted by the United Nations in 2017, 90% of the humanity are not aware of the United Nation’s ambitious Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This low awareness recorded


Nairobi, Kenya 4th December 2017….. The job market in Kenya has experienced layoffs in various sectors including; Media, Banking, Manufacturing, Insurance, NGO’s and IT. This is attributable to various factors, such as slow economic growth, political unrest, automation replacing people, inflation and high costs of doing business. See the full report ….. Job Market Survey November

The CEO Confidence Survey 2017

The CEO Confidence Survey seeks to gauge the economic outlook of CEOs, determining their concerns for their businesses, and their view on where the economy is headed. CEOs are considered to have a helicopter view of the economy and their assessment of their industry and the overall economy would be a good indicator of the

Nairobi City Protests: Businesses Count the Costs

Preamble: Global Perspective Demonstrations* are considered as a means of bringing about social change but in reality they take a toll on the society especially when they turn violent. Cities around the world continue to face the challenge of protests with the worst ones reported in India, USA, UK and Argentina. The post-election demonstrations in

Can pollsters accurately predict elections?

Can pollsters accurately predict elections Over the past few weeks, there has been much discussion about the credibility of pollsters, especially when those in the US got it wrong. Mr Donald Trump, who had been leading in the past 10 polls conducted in Iowa, to the surprise of many, failed to hold his lead. The