“Call center or contact center management solutions outsourcing to us can transform your business processes and save up to 50% costs”
Call center team


Outward bound calls made monthly


Concurrent call extensions


Call recording


Virtual or on-premise call center agents

Services we offer

Outbound calls

We serve our customers with top-notch outbound call center services and our proficiency has earned our global clientele

Inbound calls

Having an efficient and prompt inbound customer care is as important as having a great product or service

Market research

If you want structured interviews carried out in substantial number to provide professional pre-coded response

Why work with TIFA

High Quality

Our staff are continuously striving to offer high quality services. These are delivered by levering on the systems and process put in place.


Our services are tailored to meet the various needs of each client.

Turn around time (TAT)

We have short TAT and this are stipulated in the SLAs with our clients.


We have taken measures to ensure the security, privacy and confidentially of our clients data

Our clients

We are driven to do the best job possible. We pride ourselves on cultivating lasting client relationships built on trust and mutual respect.

Our clients include many of the world’s best-performing and most admired companies, law firms, and industry organizations as well as Africa and international regulatory and government agencies.




Not for profit


Government agencies

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