Issues facing Kenyans and Uhuru’s Legacy | June Omnibus Survey | 2nd Release

This report represents findings on a national survey recently conducted on the following thematic areas: Issues facing Kenyans Main Problems/Challenges Facing Kenya as a Whole/Most People in their Locality Kenya’s Direction and Main Reasons (for Right/Wrong Direction sentiments) President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Legacy Main Perceived Positive Legacy Main Perceived Negative Legacy See links for the report. Perceptions towards President

Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) Public Opinion Poll Results | June Omnibus Survey, 1st Release, 1st July 2021

TIFA Research is pleased to provide the first release of a recent survey on various public issues. This first release focuses on several aspects of the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI), including the following:• Support for Any Constitutional Changes• Knowledge of the BBI Report contents• Reported Participation in BBI Process• Expressed BBI Referendum Voting Intention and

Findings of a national survey whose focus is the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) Referendum

For months now, and notwithstanding the continuing course of the Covid-19 virus pandemic, much of the country’s political landscape has been occupied with the reform proposals that were developed in the aftermath of the reconciliation ‘hand-shake’ between President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM leader and former Prime Minister Raila Odinga, and which have been embodied in

2020 Year End Survey: Festive Season Plans and Covid19 Issues

In December 2020, TIFA conducted an end of year poll.   The highlights of the poll are as follows: 2020 is the year of double major crisis i.e. COVID-19 and Loss of Livelihoods Festive Season Spending: Tough times ahead for retail, transport, and associated sectors Covid-19 Vaccine: Significant Hesitancy Levels in Kenya Covid-19 Vaccine Acceptability

Msambweni by-election 2020 survey report

29th November to 1st December 2020 survey that was conducted to assess the potential voting patterns in the Msambweni By-Election. The opinion poll content covers the following; Views about and participation in the 2017 election Political party affiliation Intention to vote in the upcoming By-Election Expressed Candidate of Choice in the By-Election and reasons Knowledge

Kenya Used Vehicle (KUV) Price Index report 2020

Cheki Kenya and TIFA Research on Wednesday 2nd December 2020 launched the first Kenya Used Vehicle (KUV) Price Index report focusing on the prices of car listings in the Kenya market. By applying statistical analysis to the large database (more than 150,000 used vehicle vehicles), Cheki and TIFA Research have developed a price index measurement

Covid19 Global Pandemic in Nairobi’s Low-Income Areas | Round Three Survey Report: Effectiveness of Prevention Measures, Curfew and Mask Wearing Compliance & Enforcement

This 4th Release of TIFA’s Round Three survey of Nairobi’s low-income earners’ shares their perspectives on Covid-19 prevention measures mask-wearing and curfew enforcement. The key highlights are findings; 41% indicate police force have used force to enforce curfew  in their locality (a decline from 63% in June) 16% reported that they had been in at

Covid19 Global Pandemic in Nairobi’s Low-Income Areas: Round Three Survey Report: The Virus: Knowledge, Testing, Prevention Measures, Perceived Risk, and Expected Future Impact

This 3rd Release of TIFA’s Round Three survey of Nairobi’s low-income earners shares their perspectives on their awareness and understanding of the virus, including the personal measures they have adopted to prevent infection and their expectations of its future course, particularly in their own neighborhoods. The key highlights are findings; The level of worry about

Round Three Survey on the Social, Economic and Public Health Impact of Covid-19

We would like to share the results of the Round Three Survey on the Social, Economic, and Public Health Impact of Covid-19. The survey findings cover the following themes; Schools re-opening Concerns parents have towards their children contracting Covid-19 upon their return to school Level of concern that parents personally have towards contracting Covid-19 Access

COVID 19 Global Pandemic in Nairobi’s Low-Income Areas: Assistance

There have been efforts by the private sector, government, and individuals to cushion Kenyans from the impact of Covid-19 (and even more so the low-income earners). Some of the measures include food relief, cash disbursements, donations of soap, sanitizers, and water to mention a few. In this release, TIFA shares findings from a monthly multi-round