TIFA Research has analyzed Cabinet Secretaries’ activities spanning from January to December 2023. The data for this analysis has been sourced from multiple channels, including the media, official Ministry channels, and the personal social media pages of the Cabinet Secretaries. The media, renowned for its reliability, serves as a primary source of information, while the official communication channels of the Cabinet Secretaries, such as their social media pages, are considered credible sources. The importance of this analysis is underscored by the vital role Cabinet Secretaries play not only in implementing government initiatives but also in actively promoting awareness about them.

The report encompasses the following information areas:

  • Month-on-month activities  and geographical (regional) distribution of activities
  • Local vs foreign locations for activities
  • Capital City vs. Other Counties visits
  • Counties visited by each Cabinet Secretary
  • Visits to home county vs other counties
  • Activities related to Ministry docket vs Unrelated activities

Click HERE to download the full report

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