Given the actual and future potential impact of the COVID 19 virus pandemic in Kenya in both public health and socio-economic terms, TIFA launched a multi-round panel survey at the end of April to reveal its impact among residents of Nairobi’s low-income areas ..(Note In a panel survey, the same respondents are interviewed for each Round

Having collected, analyzed and released the data from Round One of the survey on May 9 TIFA undertook Round Two on June 2 with an expected completion date of June 9 Although nearly all of the issues covered in Round One have been included in the current Round Two survey, several new ones
were added, including views on whether the restrictions in place the travel ban into and out of Nairobi, and the 7 pm to 5 am curfew should remain in force

This meant that data collection was ongoing on Saturday, June 6 when President Kenyatta addressed the nation and announced that, various among other measures, the travel ban would remain, while the hours of the curfew would be reduced to 9 pm to 4 am as from June 7

Please download FULL REPORT HERE

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