The 2022 Elections: Presidential Contest

November Omnibus Survey | 1stRelease | 19thNovember 2021 


All the findings included in this 1st Release are taken from the national survey TIFA Research conducted between 7th

and 13th November 2021. The survey covered a variety of important economic, political, and social welfare public

issues. Subsequent releases will include such additional material.

In designing the survey, TIFA has taken note of the fact that since our last such survey in June 2021, several events have occurred relating to several of these issues and which therefore have likely affected public opinion. They include an apparent easing of the virulence of the Covid-19 situation, in part a reflection of increasing vaccination

uptake. This improvement is also reflected in the recent improvement in the economy, with Treasury reporting a 10%

improvement in GDP, even if in Kenya, as elsewhere globally, there remains a considerable gap between current

economic conditions and the pre-Covid normality.

Most media coverage during this period, however, has been on the unfolding 2022 election scenario, with almost incessant meetings, pronouncements, and public rallies, especially by the two most prominent likely candidates, DP William Ruto and former Prime Minister Raila Odinga, even if the latter has not yet formally announced his candidacy

(which has been planned for December 9).

As in the past, TIFA invites queries about the data presented in this Release and the methodology employed to obtain it. Suggestions as to how future surveys on these and related issues can make an even more positive contribution to

public understanding and policy formulation regarding various challenges Kenyans face are likewise welcome.

See links for the report.


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