This Round Two Report from TIFA’s monthly multi-round panel survey amongst residents of Nairobi’s low-income areas (i.e Huruma, Kibera, Mathare, Korogocho, Mukuru Kwa Njenga, Kawangware).   The data was collected between 2nd and 15th June 2020 amongst 579 respondents.


This report shares the perspectives of Nairobi’s low-income earners on the following;

  • Knowledge of symptoms and personal  prevention measures
  • Personal Knowledge of Someone Who…Has Been Tested/Was Found Positive/Died From the Virus/Has Symptoms of the Virus
  • Awareness of Correct Figures of Covid-19 Cases/Deaths
  • Anxiety Level About Contracting the Virus
  • Expectations of The Virus’ Future

Click HERE to download the full report

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  • Simon kageri

    Most of the people are at high risk of contacting the corona virus in low income areas because of congestion and lack of enough preventive measures.also most people have no knowledge of a person who have died of the virus personally.they so take the virus daily briefs as a propaganda.

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