“The high cost of living & unemployment are consistently ranked as the top problems facing Kenyans in all national surveys conducted by TIFA.  These sentiments are supported by macroeconomic indicators – for instance, the annual inflation rate rose from 3.38% in September 2019 to 5.56% in November 2019. As a result, Kenyans are feeling the pinch as they spend more to buy Unga.” ~Maggie Ireri, Research Guru

Check out the full report HERE: https://www.tifaresearch.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/Year_End_Poll_TIFA-Research_December-2019-Powerpoint-Version_30.12.2019.pdf

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  • In Kenya the common mwananchi is on his/her own. The BBI report to me seems just a narrative. Some even don’t know anything about it or its just a document to manipulate us as country we are moving forward? The war against corruption, totally messed up. The defenders are now defending their own, instead of championing the interests of the people. My sincere wish is that come 2020, there will be a great change. More jobs created, accountability withheld and more so business friendly environment.
    cc, TITUS

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