This is the 1st Release from TIFA’s first survey of 2023 It was a household-based (i.e face-to-face) survey, conducted between March 11th-19th 2023

It covers a variety of current topics, including Kenyan’s views of the state of the economy, the main problems they are facing, and last year’s General Election However, this Release focuses on the demonstrations planned by the opposition Azimio coalition, including levels of awareness as well as impact expectations and views In this regard, it should be noted that the field interviews were completed (as noted, on March 19 the day BEFORE the protest marches that occurred in Nairobi and several other urban areas the next day (on March 20 As such, the levels of awareness and views captured in this survey may have changed somewhat over the past week, especially given Azimio’s recent announcement that henceforth, such demonstrations would be held twice weekly on Mondays and Thursdays.

In presenting the findings, responses are shown for all respondents (“ and for declared supporters of the two main political coalitions (Kenya Kwanza and Azimio as well as for those respondents who do not support/identify with either of these formations This is done to demonstrate the degree to which such supporters agree/disagree on the issues considered

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