Health, Socio-Economic and Governance Aspects

The experience of affected countries suggests that the incidence and impact of COVID 19 can vary significantly across geographies and over time, with urban areas being the hardest hit both initially and probably in the long term The measures taken to contain COVID 19 in urban areas are expected to affect households in many ways, including job loss, loss of remittances, higher commodity prices, and disruption to healthcare services and education While these impacts will affect most households almost
immediately, they will be more profound and longer-lasting amongst low income
earners who are inherently more vulnerable.

Nairobi has registered the highest number of COVID 19 cases in Kenya Given the restrictions placed on movement in and out of this county (including the curfew) as well as the recommended (and in some cases enforced) ‘social isolation’ measures in response to the Corona pandemic and the resultant economic slowdown, it has become clear that many people are finding it increasingly difficult to ‘make ends meet especially those in the lower-income areas captured in this survey

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