The TIFA Research polls show that is possible to determine with 100% certainty if some of the development that the county governments are putting in place are directly yielding results. This is because opinion polls capture the reality experienced by county residents.  In turn, this puts pressure on the county bosses especially if they intend to run for another term. Consequently, one can conclude that the survey played a role in the positive changes observed.

According to the County Score Card Report for May 2018, Mombasa County scores 44% for access to clean water while Kisumu County scores 61%.  It, therefore, follows that focus for the former has to be improving water supply.  On sewerage the scores for both counties are low – Mombasa Scores (37%) while Kisumu scores (47%).

The Mombasa County Assembly Members approved Governor Joho’s pans to desalinate seawater in a bid to address water shortage issues. If implemented, the two desalinating plants will produce 130,000 cubic meters of fresh water daily according to Fatma Awale, a Water and Natural Resources executive.    On the hand, in July, KIWASCO (Kisumu Water and Sewerage Company) rolled out a strategic plan that will see the company increase water coverage in Kisumu from the current 73% to 83%.  Also, the company aims to increase sewerage cover from the current 16% to 30% in five years. If KIWASCO succeeds, then by the end of Governor Nyong’o first term, the sewerage system will have improved by a significant margin.

With that in mind, the question arises, should TIFA commission more county performance surveys?  Will the surveys help improve delivery and above all will Kenyans welcome more polling on the performance of politicians?  The answer is obvious – the polls must continue as they keep the county bosses accountable.

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