We know of destination of weddings. Now we have destination sports events. We have Masaku7’s (in Machakos), Dala 7s (Kisumu), Christies 7s (Nairobi), Driftwood 7s (Mombasa) and Prinsloo 7s (Nakuru).   In these sports events, Kenya sports fans traverse across the country for the love of the game.

Recent studies by Repucom (July-Sep 2015) show that at least 54% of rugby fans travel to various destinations to watch the game and to support their teams.   Rugby fans have a “on tour” culture and present a potential to be sports tourism revenue earner for counties.

The average rugby fan is either employed or in school meaning they have a source of income.   The average expenditure of a rugby fan on food and drinks in a given day is Kshs 2,500. Assuming that each match has 3,000 fans, it means that expenditure could be Kshs 15million per weekend.  The last Masaku 7 tournament boasts of hosting 40,000 fans. If these figures are anything to go by, then approximately Kshs 100m is spent at Masaku 7s.

Regardless of these opportunities, some counties are not be ready to yield the benefits of sports tourism.  There is the current challenge of limited beds space. The counties are also not able to market other attractions within the county.   Sports tourism be one of the solutions for the ailing tourism industry.



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